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Download Templates CD DVD Blu-ray and Case

To help you get started below are templates to guide your artwork and free design software. Most any disc and case templates will work if you already have your own. When creating your artwork please keep text at least 1/4" from the edge and bleed the artwork over the edge another 1/8".

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MS Word® CD DVD Blu-ray disc template
MS Word® DVD case template
MS Word® Slim DVD case template
Photoshop® CD DVD Blu-ray disc template
Photoshop® DVD case template
Photoshop® Slim DVD case template
Photoshop® 5x5 custom printed 2 panel sleeve album
Photoshop® 4 panel Wallet Sleeve
Photoshop® Blu-ray case template
Photoshop® Slim Jewel case template
PDF® CD DVD Blu-ray disc template
PDF® Blu-ray case template
PDF® 5x5 custom 2 panel prited sleeve album
PDF® 4 panel Wallet Sleeve
PDF® Slim Jewel case template
PDF® CD Jewel case 4 page Insert
PDF® CD Jewel case tray card
IPR Form
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High Resolution Direct to Disc Printing!

Disc Printing

Everest printing technology ushers in a new era of affordable, offset quality CD, DVD and Blu-ray printing, producing photo quality on the disc surface that has the rugged durability of thermal. The Everest CD, DVD Blu-ray labeling process is second to none in on demand disc printing services.

You will get the benefits of our Everest Printer with MicroDry variable dot printing, which delivers images equivalent to 160 lines per inch, a true paradigm shift in technology. Everest blows away traditional screen printing 90 lpi, and eclipses magazine print standards 160 lpi, delivering unequaled high resolution cd duplication & dvd duplication printing quality.

Disc Duplication


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